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How important documentation in any project?
Sadly documentation is viewed as a "nice to have" and not "have to have" and it is totally ignored when deadlines are close. The reality is, documentation as an investment, pays in the short and the long run. In our view, documentation is more of verbalization of every task and every line of code. Such verbalization asserts the fact that the tasks are done properly, according to the specs and trackable. When it comes to reusability, tracking and answering clients' questions and concerns, nothing would beat the timely stamped document with the names whom were informed.

Our Project Management Planner (PMP) Framework is both management and project documentation tools. Our PMP is an intelligent framework which saves time, effort and the guessing game. It also provides consistency.

Automation, Intelligence and Virtualization of Documentation
Our PMP architect is a content-driven tool. All the documentation share the same data pool. The pool is composed of matrixes of values and base documents. The matrixes documents are used to cross reference values, dates, signatures, statements, milestones, workers, tasks, activities, risks ..etc. Our PMP Framework Diagram image #1 is the 2,000 foot view of our architect.

PMP Architect Diagram
Project Management Planner (PMP) Framework Architect Diagram

Our intelligence approach is implemented by creating weight-score-value of each of the following specs. Our automation and intelligence approaches analysis specs address documentation's points, questions, concerns, needs and storage:

       What type of project would be built by your team?
       Is your project a throw away project or reusable?
       What type of client are you dealing with?
       Levels of access - who is access what?
       Stakeholders qualifications, questions and concerns.
       How much documentation is nonexistence, insufficient, enough or an overkill?
       Does your documentation make sense and related to issues
       Are the data used useless information and redundant?
       When and how to perform documentation?
       Types of documentation?
       Customization of documentation
       Privileged, have to have, nice to have and FYI
       Knowledge, responsibilities and expectations
       Legal Disputes
       Updating and version control (level of important and frequencies)
       Types of documentation storage?
       Type of documentation presentation?
       Sharing documentation
       How to automate documentation?
       Documentation specs?
       How important timestamp in documentation?
       Audit trail of who, what and when dealing with Documentation?
       Projects or companies wiki sites
       Are using javadoc?
       Type documentation engines you are building?

Most the documents presented or viewed are virtual which means it is created dynamically by our engines.

Paperless System:
Our system is paperless and virtual.

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